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Okay so.. is this how it's gonna be? You get upset over NOTHING and then I get angry because you won't tell me what's wrong and then we both get angry?


The only reason i say "okay. whatever. leave if you don't like it" is because i'm STOOPING TO YOUR DAMN LEVEL. You act like a kid so that's how I'm going to reciprocate. What am I meant to say? "No baby, I'm sorry for hurting you, whatever it is that I did, lets just be happy again"? GET SCREWED. I didn't even DO anything. Wow, I'm not happy all the time. You're not outgoing all the time! Not being able to see each other is hard on me too, OKAY?


You just like to think I don't feel for you. Yeah, I do act like that, but only when we're fighting. That's just how I am, okay? I'm just the "If you wanna eleave. Go. I'll forget you eventually". I'm not gonna let another guy see me cry okay?! I grew a backbone and im strong and if you dont like it then * * * am i meant to do.


You're too bloody.. idk. You already love me and it's hardly been any time pased, or you say so. You say youve never loved a girl before.. I HATE IT WHEN GUYS DO THAT. JUST ADMIT IT OK. YOU LOVED A GIRL BEFORE, I LOVED A GIRL BEFORE, I LOVED A GUY BEFORE. IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE! Jeez. This stupid "youre the only one for me" manipulation * * * * sucks because you only do it so you have more ammo.


You're fun. You're absolutely bloody gorgeous. You make me melt but I HATE IT HOW YOU ACT LIKE THIS. You get angry if i dont reply on msn ASAP but it usually takes YOU 30 minutes to talk. Cut me some slack. I'm down these days because of my family * * * * and i dont appreciate when you add to it. I tried to tell you this but you're just like "SO YOURE THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO HAVE FEELINGS?!".


I feel like a cycle is gonna happen. Ugh. ._.

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