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physical pain after meditation sessions.


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Hey guys,

I need some advice on this. I have increased my meditation time and frequency over the last 2 months. Ive been through some major upheavals and changes to my life, that Nothing is the same, I am having to start again from scratch in every aspect of my life,i.e my social, finanacial, emotional life e.t.c

Ive found that whenever I have a good meditation session and visualise clearing away blockages/old pains/ messages, A few hours to a day later im in pain physically and im an emotional wreck and I go into a sort of state of deep depression/limbo/sadness. I remember one week where fr nearly 4 days I just stayed in bed, I couldnt do much, I felt like I was walking through a fog all that time, I felt weak, teary, run down etc

Im fine after a day or two, but I keep any inner work light during the times when I get depressed. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this. I tell myself they are "growing pains".


Right now, my chest area hurts and ive been teary all day, Ive been working on clearing away negative memories/ feelings surrounding a controlling relationship I let myself stay in for the past 3 years and a few other harmful relationships I allowed during that time.

SO naturally, my heart chakra is at work here. My rib area/chest area feels tight and painfull. I have a headache and Im having flu like symptoms. I know its not the flu because i dont feel ill otherwise, just body pains. I work out a lot and I am very fit so its not a health issue.


Has anyone else experiened physical/emotional smyptoms when doing deep inner work. Ive never meditated/journaled/ paid more attention to my inner self than im doing now. Im already seeing results, Im more open/ relaxed and more attuned to my feelings. IM still struggling with low self esteem/ self doubt/ lack of motivation. But I know im slowly moving in the right direction. I just wanted some input on this.


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Do you think your symptoms are really related to your meditation? What you're describing sounds like classic depressive symptoms (the physical pain you describe - chest, head, etc.). An answer I've discovered, if this helps, is that you steer into your pain and gently address it.


Perhaps your meditation is helping your inner pain come to the fore so that you become aware of it and, thus, you can deal with it. Keep working - It sounds like you're making progress!

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Hi red_flower, I sympathize with how you are feeling at the moment and I am truly sorry that you are having to go through this. Everyone does soul searching, but if it's to the point of physical pain for you, then it could be related to a serious health issue. Anxiety was the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned having chest pains. Anxiety is no fun -- it will fatigue the mind and body and leave you feeling very tired.


What is troubling your soul? Do you want to talk about it?

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Thanks for all your repllies. Yes I have been feeling quite anxious lately, Ive been planning/ worrying/ sorting out a lot of things. I have experienced depression before which lasted months,. but this time its different. I feel as if im in mourning... thats the only way I can describe it.


In one way im making progress, i have removed myself from a situation that was literarily killing me,. draining off every bit of my energy, so now its time to rebuild myself. The physical pain is less today, its like a dull throbbing pain around my chest. I dont know what else to do than to ride it out, im doing all the right things, journalling, self care, excersice e.t.c..... ive just never felt like this before.....

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I recently had chest pain after meditation. I have a lot of sadness and pain that is happening with my spouse and the world. I am trying to figure out what it means!


Kriss, this thread is seven years old and the OP has not returned for 5 years. Please start your own thread. Thanks!


Thread closed.

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