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A day gos by and she changes her mind?


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I met this girl at my college, we have a class together. We start hanging out between classes and studying with one another. We hit it off really quick, and I fell for her HARD. That weekend she goes on a trip with her family to Canada (they own a cabin up there) when she gets back and we go to the library that fallowing Monday to study for a test. I eventually find out that she shares the same feelings I do for her, a-matter-a-fact she tells me that she could not get me off her mind the whole weekend (there was more said but its not relevant to what I have to say.) So we plan to go out this coming weekend on a hike.


Now skip ahead a few days, but still two days before we go on said hike. and I can tell she is trying to distance her self from me, not physically but emotionally. We talk for a bit after class and she tells me that she is sorry but shes just to busy with life right now to have a boyfriend but she wants to remain friends.


Previously she had told me that Her ex boyfriend had broken up with her because they where going to go to different colleges and she just didn't have the time.


She is only 16 but she is very mature, most people assume she is 20, 21 years old. She was home schooled and is almost finished with high school.


She does have a lot on her plate at the moment. Not only does she have a full college load but also 3 high school AP classes, swim team, and parents that love to travel as a family.


My question is. With all the feelings we have for one another how did she change her mind in just a couple of days? Was it she and I just got caught up in the moment and it wasn't until we had a day apart that she was able to reassess the situation?


Do you think that we have a shot at ever dating and being a couple?


She also sent me some text messages saying “I'm kind of a hard girl to get to know” and “I'm also just not looking right now, I don't really want another relationship until I'm somewhere in a steady life which I'm not right now.”


Has any one on here gone through this too?


I'm fine being friends but I would really like to be able to be more then that with her someday because I really do care about her.

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Okay, coming clean: I've been in this girl's shoes before. And I was 23, so age has nothing to do with it.


I got out of a relationship last year, and a few weeks later went on a date with a guy. He was really cool and we hit it off, and we talked that night about dating and such. It seemed like a great idea at the time. But after I went home and slept on it, I realized I didn't feel emotionally ready to enter a new relationship. So I told him that (and it hadn't even been a whole day...more like 12 hours) and he was just as confused as you are. But it's the fact that even though she may really WANT to be with you, she's not mentally prepared to take something so huge on.


Either way, if she's not crazy about the idea then it's not bound to turn out well. Give her some space and stay friends with her in the meantime, but don't "wait" for her. Live your own life and if you're still single when she's ready to have a boyfriend, then pick things up again if you'd like.

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