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Encountered the most devastating and shocking job interview experience today

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I have not eaten all day because I have not gotten over the initial shock of what happened.


Toda had a interview at 9:30am and arrived 15 min early. Found out I was being part of a group interview and it was about 9 of us in the room. The interviewers told us to form a group and then once we did that everyone was looking for more direction and the interviewers was just sitting there. So i took the initiative of introducing myself to the group and sugggested that everyone tell something about themselves. So I controlled the group discussion and then asked everyone to talk about their background and hobbies. So after that the interviewers spoke to us about the company and the positions they were looking to fill which they want to fill ASAP and asked did anyone have any questions. I asked two questions which was


do employees receive training to maintain current skills and develop new ones?


How often do the students get to go to job fairs?



I wanted to save some of my questions for the one on one interview. Some people didn't ask anything. So after that we filled out the job applications and after we were finished the lady came in and asked were we done and then selected two people to interview and said the rest of us can leave if we don't have any other questions????? This is the most unprofessional treatment I ever received from a employer and for us to be dismissed after showing up dressed and on time and not be given a one on one interview is just horrible. The two people they selected, one of them asked NO QUESTIONS. So after being vocal and having the initiaive to start the group discussion I get denied a interview?? I had on a suit, and was well groomed and I don't get a interview? They selected candidates based on LOOKS? They did mention something about more positions opening up in June but I feel sick right now. I didn't get a chance to show that I'm better at interviewng and can;t believe this happened to me. I feel so sick right now.

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I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm shocked even reading it. Group interviews seem to be more common these days. And who they select from the group depends on the interviewers. Horrible experience regardless if it's well conducted or not. I was in one and sensed they didn't like me because they kept cutting me off, but I couldn't get up and walk out like I would have been able to if it was an individual interview, you know cut it short and leave. But wow they just sucked and if that's how the company is organized you should want no part of it. You're better than them, just know that and move onto your next interview (hopefully not group).

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CD-have you thought about going back to school for a career in allied health-i.e. something like nursing? If you have a bachelors degree, there are 1-year nursing programs. Nursing is a career where they really need people and they pay well. I see many men becoming nurses today.


I'd go the allied health route.

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I had a large group interview once, and I chose not to be chosen. If you get called in to be interviewed (I was) it's for a sales job where you pitch something cheesy to complete strangers. I would have had to pay for my supplies upfront with no reimbursment. I would have worked TOTALLY on commission and been fired if I didn't sell my quota and would have had to pay for their time training me! How do I know this? I know a girl who took a job with this company and she had to leave the state to protect herself. You never get out of debt to them and they can sure put the pressure on you to pay up! Be glad you were not chosen CD!

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Wow...sorry you had to go through that. I know that people who are looking for a job right now are really struggling and I'm even sorrier if that is the case with you, but even so, this is not a place you really want to work anyway. Quick story if you'll oblige me:


When I interviewed for the job I'm in now, I was in a waiting area talking to a very nice woman who was interviewing for the same job. We're competing against each other for the job, but what the hell--why make an awkward situation more awkward? So we're chatting very amicably and I get called in for what is supposed to be a 20 minute interview. An hour and fifteen minutes later, I walked out of the interview knowing that I had nailed it and probably had got the job (I was right...). I felt great for myself, but as I walked out, I saw the nice woman I had chatted with earlier gathering her things to walk into her interview--now over an hour later than it should have been. While I was still feeling good for myself, a little voice in the back of my head went "wow...it was really unprofessional to leave her hanging like that." Fast forward three years and I now know that should have been my first clue that this was not a place I wanted to work. I'm very lucky to have a stable job in this crappy economy, but I'm stuck somewhere I don't want to be for awhile....


Anywho....if the people who interviewed you were THAT unprofessional in an interview, imagine what they'd be like to work for!! You dodged a bullet--kick back with a beer tonight and have a laugh about it--it's better than sulking. Besides, by all accounts, you clearly did the best job in the group interview and deserved a one-on-one.....if they didn't recognize that, that's THEIR loss, not yours.

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Unexpected News, I woke up this morning and had a message from the Director of the company saing she would like to have me come in for a second interview on Monday at 1pm. I had all but threw this opportunity out of my mind and was shocked to hear that they want me to come in for a 2nd interview.

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