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Something really crazy...


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I recently found out my baby Sophie didnt come early because of a problem with my cervix. Meaning they have no idea why it happened.


About a few weeks after the birth and death of Sophie, I was admited to hospital with stomach pains. Which turned out to be a bit of placenta left inside of me, and my body freaking out. I was already put on anti biotics a few days after the birth. So I was on them for about 10 days or so, and they were two types, and were strong.


The doctor that did an internal exam that night, told me it could be chlamydia. Then did a swab... They saw something, like scaring or something that was chlamydia like ..


which was stupid right? I've been on anti biotics... just had a baby... not having sex? If i had chlamydia it would have gone right?


I had a test before I started this relationship, as my ex cheated a LOT. Even though we always used Condoms, I wanted to be 100% sure. and I was clear.


Now since I found out with this pregnancy.. that my cervix is fine. I've been thinking. Maybe my partner had chlamydia and never knew about it? I've read that it can lay dormant for a long time. So he was with his ex in 2005, then with me since 2006.. to current day


I've been on and off Anti biotics due to UTI's, since the relationship started. So if i did have it it wouldn't exactly do much damage... Maybe I'm getting cured by the anti biotics... then getting reinfecting by my partner if he did have it..?


Its crazy thinking, but am I right? could teh doctor ahve been a bit daft in doing the swab? should I go for another test?


Or am I just trying to find someone to blame for my babies death?

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I don't think Chlamydia would go away on it's own. And just because you took antibiotics for UTIs does not mean that they would treat Chlamydia. Most antibiotics are quite specific in what exactly they treat. They are not "one size fits all" in which one antibiotic would treat all bacterial infections.


So if they did the swab, what did they say the results were? Did they say you tested positive or negative for Chlamydia? I wonder if you just got an infection from part of the placenta decaying inside you. We really can't tell you here what the cause of your miscarriage was. You should make another appointment with your Dr and see if you can get some more answers.


I'm sorry for the loss of your baby. That must have been hard.

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Not all anti biotics work on all infections, they are area or bacteria specific. When I had a uterine infection after my miscarriage they gave me IV anti biotics for 8 hours, then sent me home with 2 very strong one but specific for that reason I think totalling about 1500mg a day for 10 days. I was not even allowed in the sun. Then during and after my d&C I was back on IV antibiotics over night while still on the pill variety A bit of over kill I think but I guess it is the reason I did not kick the bucket.

Yes, many STD's cause fetal death. I know one woman that had 6 miscarriages and then they found she had a rare infection in her uterus, they cleared it up and she went onto have a live birth


I remember the loss the of your Sophie, I am so sorry sweetie. Remember she is ALWAYS in your heart.

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The test was negative when it came back. Sophie was a neonatal death, as she was born alive. So she wasn't a miscarriage.


And thanks Victoria. =) I think apart of me hoped I might have had it. Then I'd have someone other than myself to blame I guess.


And the infection I had after birth, was because of the placenta. The only reason they thought I might have it, is because they noticed something when doing it. I'm not 100% sure on what it was, as my brain wasn't working back then. But I think it was scaring or something. But they said it could be from when they did the internal exam when I went in to labour.


It just means I have no reason why it happened, and it could happen again. I had millions of tests done, after Sophies birth. I had it in my head it was my cervix, until I went for my scan and they said it wasn't a problem with my cervix.


I think I might just hang myself upside down by my feet, or keep my legs crossed till its out safe and sound =^^=

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Yeah, mine was cause they left the entire placenta in there, some how they missed it on THREE u/s and almost killed me.


HUgs sweetheart you WILL be ok this time.


What? Don't they usually expect you to push out the placenta after the baby? I mean I could understand having remains.. but the entire thing?!

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I was having a miscarriage......my baby was actually born into my hand in the hospital bathroom and they thought the stuff in the toilet was the placenta. My uterus is also FULL of fibrioids and very hard to see anything on an u/s because of it. It is how they missed the placenta.

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Oh, I guess that explains it. I didn't even want to look at the placenta after they told me it would weigh 2lbs (I figured it would be like this big organ). I figured it wouldn't be too easy too miss but if the baby is a miscarriage I could see how things don't go as neatly (Not that childbirth is anywhere close to neat or tidy).


I'm hoping I won't have to deal with something like that though, *keeps fingers crossed*.

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