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my eating habits are all messed up again

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This morning I was eating a bagle, and I had to stop eating it because I got lightheaded and short of breath. I drank some juice because I figured my blood sugar was very low, but I still feel a little nauseated and dizzy. My vision also feels a little blurred. I'm not lacking sleep. I went to bed last night at 2315.

My cousin (who is my co-worker and the nurse here in the office) said it could have just been that all my blood rushed to my GI tract.

I swear to god she releases some hormones in the air that make my appetite all screwed up!!! (she's pregnant)


ughhh I'm friggin hungry right now, but the thought of putting food in my mouth makes me feel a little sick... ](*,)

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I get that reaction when I don't eat for a while & then go work out. Just about passed out the other day after 20 minutes of not-so-intense exercise. So embarrassing.


When you start feeling like that, lie down right away and prop your feet up a bit. Drinking water will also help. But if you are at a place where people will look at you weird for lying down & you don't feel like you are going to pass out right then & there, at the very least sit down & let your brain get the blood flow it needs without fighting gravity for it.

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I also have low blood sugar, & instead of eating to maintain it, I drink 7-up.


I dunno why 7-up has always been my cure to everything. When I feel nauseous, I sip on 7-up & the nausea goes away.


When my blood sugar's low, I drink 7-up & I'm ok.


Funny, because 7 up is my very choice of drink right now! So used to drinking it whenever I was sick as a kid. I crave it now when I don't feel well. I'm just drinking it now because it is leftover from when I was sick last weekend.

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