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dose he?dose he not?


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we know each other,few months ago we start meeting more often,a lot of texting with some very clear messages on our mutual intention,few times i was invited to his apartment,no sex but a lot of making out , a lot of body conection but not all the way.promisses were made probably at the sake of the moment and a lot of things were said and done.we have so many things in common,we can talk for hours,we understand each other perfectly and then it came.all the bad timing bull * * * * stories,bla bla bla.

so i backed off,no phones,no text,i was so sad,so dissapointed,so angry.after few days i accepted it,he is a very good men and friend and i want him to be happy,so i chilled out.now i get the filling he try to keep me close,ask for help with his work,asking about my weekends.very confusing.is he trying me out?

when we sturt with all the fliting things i new he was dating someone but she was never around.Never.not on saturdays night ( i was there),not on sundays (i was there) not on new years eve (i was there).and i think he wanted to give her a chance.to try it out.

i dont know what to think any more.

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