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Rhythm of the Rain


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All was fine on this radiant autumn day,

Our hearts were singing as we ran outside to play.

Humming a beautiful rhythm as they felt their freedom again,

As we wallowed in the serene splendour of evening rain.


I watched in glee as she pranced beside me, an ever pleasing sight,

Her smile a glisten of gold, her eyes a picture of dainty delight,

As free as birds in the sky, we danced until the day's wee small hours,

Admiring the world around us, from the sturdy oak trees to the blossoming flowers.


I reached for her hand once more as the shower continued its rapturous rhyme,

The warmth of her touch sending a joyous tingle through my spine,

For a moment time stood still as the rain continued to pour,

The stormy skies above echoing their mighty roar.


Sadly the hour came when the raindrops uttered their final fall,

We smiled, knowing we had been there to answer the heavens' call,

Our hearts at sung in time to the rhythm of the rain,

Washing away the tears and cleansing the pain, here we were, together again.

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