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This is getting embarassing....


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So... i've been sexually active for around 6 months or so. The GF is on the pill, and we've had sex maybe 40-60 times to far.


Each time.... i can only last for maybe 20-30 seconds before... you know what!


I was told that with experience... ill learn to control it. But there hasnt been any improvement in the 50, lets call it, times that we have had sex!


it really is getting annoying, because i really want to last longer and please her more, but there's just nothing i can do to stop it!!


I'm 17, going on 18. People told me a while back that with time... it would gradually last longer. But most of my friends can go for 10-15 minutes or so.... i feel so ashamed!


Is there ANYTHING i could do to make myself last even 2 or 3 minutes!! Just something more worthwhile!?!?!!?!?


PLEASE help!! We're quite close, so it's not wrecking the relationship.... but it truly does kill me on the inside at how short i last, and how she would obviously rather it werent all over so quick!


this is the last chance before i order some damn viagra or something!



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Have you tried the stop-and-go method? Once you get close to climaxing, stop. Don't move until the excitement wears off a bit. Then start again. Keep doing this and eventually your endurance should increase. Doing this while masturbating should help too.


It may take awhile to finally last as long as you want, so it'll take a bit of patience. But I've heard this method works well.

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I thought I was mistaken once....turned out I was wrong.





Well... I didn't see much judgement... I just figured.... 17 is average for sexual activity, and also fairly common to not have much stamina and control built up yet. I don't think there is any reason to feel bad, but I think there is plenty of time and room for improvement.

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for the stop and go method...


when you stop...form a ring around the base with your thumb and index finger...apply pressure (sort of the sensation a c**k ring would provide)...

this is a good way to put a stop to the gravy boat. obviously...you have to do that before you reach 'critical mass'.

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It sounds silly, but my guy friends and exes swear by masturbating regularly to help increase their stamina.

I agree with the above posters as well... perhaps having her cause you to cum before sex would be beneficial, it could work since you're so young you probably won't have a problem getting it up again right away.

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Don't think about sex during sex and try pausing... Also try doing lots of foreplay/fingering/oral to make her come before you start...


Plus viagra will only give you a boner and heart problems, but you'd come fast anyway (as much as I know), lol...


I've heard this! Try thinking about baseball or football...name teams in your head, or name players...

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