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Is this person really a friend?

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Hi all,


First time posting here- Hopefully you understand my story-I need some objective opinions about a situation that occurred with my good friend. I have been friends with this person for about 2 years and we have gotten really close- even go vacation together. Well, she is married and i am good with her hubby as he is a nice guy. Well, the issue is that she really offended me recently- You see, she always wants to bring her hubby out with us so one night we went out partying like we have before and I was drinking a little and we had went into a club where it was all you can drink if you had a special band so we decided to buy one band for me and I would share drinks with them (yes we were being cheap) while in the club the bouncers were watching us to see if we were sharing drinks so my friend's hubby was walking toward me with one of the drinks in his hands and in order for him to not run into one of the bouncers that was behind me, I grabbed his arm (put my arm though his arm) turned him around and walked quickly into another room of the club. My friend was a little behind us. Anyway, while we were in the club I thought we were all sharing drinks so her hubby gave me a drink from his drink and I was also drinking from my friend's drink and it was going back and forth like this.


My friend suddenly starts fighting with her hubby and I am like "what is wrong?"- She says she is upset because her hubby gave me a drink from his drink and she was having a fit.I was a little tipsy so it did not really sinc in until later when my friend became upset at me because "she does not like anyone touching her man" and she was livid that I had grabbed her hubby's arm earlier to walk into another room to not run into a bouncer.


Anyway, I thought this was ridiculous- we were having a good time and I would never try to pick up on my friend's hubby- my friend said she knows I would not try to make a move on her hubby but that I should not have grabbed his arm and he shouldnt have given me a drink- I would never make a big deal out of something like this so I think her anger was over the top and I did not think it was appropriate-


what do you think? Nothing was done on purpose but I thought her reaction was odd-

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I assume she was at least a little tipsy at the time too? If she was, have you spoken to her about what happened yet while you are all sober? Maybes she will have a different take on the situation when everyone is sober.


If you have, and she is still mad about it, I suppose all you can do is respect her wishes in the future - that is if you still want to be friends with her and hang out with her and her husband. I don't necessarily think her reaction was justifiable or not, but it does seem a bit excessive. Perhaps she is insecure or worried her husband will stray? Or maybe she was just drunk and overreacted.

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She did not drink much and we did talk about it after and she did not understand why my feelings were hurt and I could not understand why she made such a big deal out of it.




FYI- She has been with her hubby for quite a while and as far as I know, there has not been any cheating on either side.

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in my opinion, u were in the right, and she was acting a little crazy...but on that note, i wouldn't say she is not a friend because of such a small thing


being that u are outside, u cannot know if there are jealousy issues there...maybe there has been issues with friends getting too close to her man before, etc.

yes it was a little overdramatic, but they are married, not just two friends...there are strict boundaries there

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