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I'm SO lost....


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I was with my ex for 4 years, we were nearly engaged. Until we got into a big fight around the time he lost his mother (lost his father the year before that). In the heat of the fight he ended up breaking up with me, and days later was with another girl, spending loads of money on her.


We break up in Oct 08 and fight till Feb 09. Then I started NC, let him be with who he wanted and let me move on.


SO Monday he calls me, and we talk for hours. And yesterday we met up for lunch. I'm so confused right now as to what is happening. I never really had a chance to get over him, kinda never really wanted to get over him. It's so hard.


Maybe he just wants to have sex, or maybe things are going wrong with the new girl. But I don't wanna be the girl he falls back on cuz the one he pretty much left me for didn't work. But at the same time, I still have feelings for him, and he says he still has feelings for me too. It's so crazy I need you guy's help so much right now!!! I am so lost!!!

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Have you asked him why he has suddenly come back in to your life? Treat it like it's nothing heavy, but tell him that he really hurt you and you're not sure whether letting him back in to your life like this is what you really need right now? At least that way you'll get a true response from him and his intentions.

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Let me tell you something about a guy who says he has feelings for you while he's with someone else: he's trying to create an unhealthy triangle here. If he can, he'd have both of you on a string because he has feelings for both of you. If he wanted you and only you, he would break up with her to pursue you in earnest.


It's time for you to take control of your life and move on from him.

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