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The Easter Dinner


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An update on Easter Dinner....


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The weekend as a whole went very well. Got to visit with some friends and saw my nephew and his family, haven't seen them for a couple of years.


So my mom agreed to not invite the ex to dinner, which I knew ahead of time, but she came off kinda cold about it in her email.


The actual dinner was good, my brother in law was a total ass and didn't speak to me, but at least he kept it to himself this time, instead of verbalizing his distaste to everyone.


When I was leaving to come home, my mom apologized to me for the whole situation, so all is well and don't anticipate she will be wanting to invite him to family gatherings in the future.


An interesting side note.. evidently my ex is seeing someone, which I had suspected for awhile, because he started talking to me differently a few weeks ago... anyway, the kids are not any too happy about that, but alas, that would be another thread!

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