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im just so confused.


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so this is my first post. but

i was seeing this girl and well she had gotten out of a very serious relationship so we had decided to just go real slow. well the first week we where seeing each other we slept together and spent alot of time then we thought about everything and to make things easier on her we decided not to have sex. so a month goes by and she goes out of town to see some friends and when she was suppose to be home she hadnt called so i called and go no answer so i worried abit and waited a few hours and called again and got nothing. so the next day i sent her a few messeges and no reply and tried to call and nothing i wasnt sure what had happen to her. so then today she finally replied to me and was like i want to see if you would freak and you did so i think your to attached. * * * ?and after everything she had said on how much she wanted to be with me through out the month but just wabts a bit more time and i was like ok well take your time i got no rush and now she says that she lied. when we have been open all along. so i just cant put things together i just dont get it. and before all this we got along well and everything seemed to go up n up and bam.

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thank. and ya i know. but like just the randomness of it is odd. i dont mind the whole stop talkin part eventhough i really care for her. but like you said its her choice. just the whole why say something then say another or test me when something couldve happen to you while you where on the road. and i see alot of accidents and i had just been to one the day before(im a firefighter by the way) so i really worried

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Wow, I've never known anyone to do a "test" like that...strange.


Even if you were to try and convince her that you meant no harm by it, being too "attached" is a matter of personal opinion and it'd be hard to change her views now. But dating someone who "tests" you like that isn't worth it anyway.

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