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Seeing someone now, but just heard from someone again out of the blue...what to do??


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Im putting this in the dating section - even tho its not technically 'dating'.


Anyways, about 2 months ago a lady i work with mentioned about a man she knew (a friend i guess but she only see's him every know and then at particular work functions one of her other friends goes to). This man is single and she was trying to set us up in a way. She gave him my email and we emailed back and forth. We did set up to meet up for a drink after a few weeks but something came up. Continued to email but nothing set in stone. Then there was nothing. I didn't email him. He didn't email me. No texts. It would have been at least since end of feb since i heard.


Over the past weekend i received a message from him about a certain something that me and the lady i work with have in common and he asked when would be a good time and day to give me a call....


Now the thing is, im seeing someone. Just been made exclusive...


Im not sure how to handle it. I have never met him. i dont even know what he looks like!


I dont want to be rude, as he knows someone i work with!


What would be the best way to handle this? Obviously i need to say something just in a text is fine... but what exactly?


If i meet him, its the wrong impression to him, and to the guy im seeing isn't it. I dont really have any urge to meet him now...

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