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I'm still married!!! :-(

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So when we split up 6 weeks ago, he led me to believe that our marriage paperwork was never filed, so we were never officially married. Over the last couple weeks, I've started developing a strong hunch that this was not true, since he admitted that he had obtained his other papers we needed for the marriage certificate (which he had continued to tell me he didn't have for 3 weeks after he had, in fact, gotten them). I also had a strong hunch he was still in his hometown, though he told me the last time we talked - 1 month ago - that he was leaving for a third country.


This weekend I'm heading up to his country for a visa run and vacation, and will be ~2 hours away from his hometown - where we were married - which is a full day's travel from where I live. I don't know when I'll ever be up there again, so I decided to break NC in order to make sure that we really aren't married, because I'd rather find out now and deal with the paperwork while I'm there than make another trip.


Sure enough: he's still there in his hometown; we were and are still married; he's too chicken to own up to his mistakes and file the divorce paperwork (in his country, one person can file for divorce alone - you don't need both parties - but I obviously can't trust him to do it); he's too chicken to tell me we're married; and he's too chicken to tell his family and friends we've split up, because he knows he screwed up, so he's lying to all of them. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for my nice, relaxing vacation Now instead I get to deal with lawyers - in a foreign country and a language I'm only half-fluent in. Just when I was starting to feel better, and thought I could put it all behind me.

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