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Update on my situation


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I doubt any of you have been following my struggle, but hey, I come here to vent and I know a lot of people at least read it haha.


SO just a recap...GF dumps me, "I love you/not in love with you," "Lets be friends," two days later starts havin feelings for another guy and kisses him. I tell her time for NC, she tells me she is sad and blah blah blah.


So three days go by and I call her to talk as a friend and see how she is doing. Incredibly confrontational, she tells me she never wants to be with me again and i was this and that and basically just b!tching at me. The next day she texts me and apologizes.


A couple more days go by and she IMs me, b!tching at me again, I tell her I need NC once again and she tells me Im immature. Ok, whatever. Easter comes along and she emails me and this time Im not going to break. I dont respond. Come today, and she is very angry that I "slammed the door in her face and so many more doors have opened already." (She wrote this on facebook) Also, she drops by and does not call or go to the door, just to drop some stuff off in the mailbox.


All of my family says she is just trying to get a rise out of me and is throwing a hissy fit because I wont let her have her cake and eat it too. Almost everyone I know tells me that she will be back and regret what she did soon, but in the meantime I should just move on and see what else is out there. They are basing that statement on the fact that she will just not leave me alone and keeps getting so angry that I am not responding to her.


I have faith that she will be back and want to work things out with me and I also think that is a completely realistic goal. In the meantime I am going to work on myself and work on what I want to do and date other people.


I know I keep posting topics, but a new thing keeps happening EVERY day. Opinions? Thanks guys

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She sounds kinda crazy and dosent know what she wants.


YOu made a mistake by breaking the no contact after only 3 days. This time you really need to make last a lot longer, like 4 or 5 months at LEAST. By that point you will have no need to even contact, and can rid yourself of her.

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Wow, you guys really think she is crazy?

I mean I know this is getting a little intense but I never thought of her as CRAZY haha.

But I am still on the inside...You people get to look at it from an outsiders point of view.



And yeah I know I * * * * ed up the NC thing at first but that was before I found the board. What a great help this has all been!


I really miss the way she USED to be. She was never like this before and I just dont understand it! Do you all think if I found someone else she would think twice about what she is doing?

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i wouldnt say she is crazy. goes back to the old saying "desperate times call for desperate measures".


The no contact thing, just keep it up from here on out. dont want to be a * * * * , but maybe she will come back, maybe she wont. unfortuately there is no easy answer. finding someone else can be iffy. i am in the same situation where i found someone shortly after the break up. problem is that the only thing i can think about is the ex (its been just under a month since we broke).


the new girl may only be there to fill a void. you could end up doing to her what your girl did to you and just remember how you feel and if you wish that upon anyone else. i would say dont try to find someone else right now and just work on yourself. sounds cliche but...


the one thing that has kept me going is knowing that i will run into her over the next few months. i want her to see that i am changed mentally, physically and emotionally. i hate playing games because i am a little older, but the next time i see her, i want her to think to herself...."Damn, I gave that up".

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Well here is the deal. As to her coming back into my life somehow? The answer to that is almost positively yes. She goes to college in another state but when she is home it drives her crazy not speaking to me. (She has told me that.)


So I know when she is home she will contact me one way or another. I am just not sure whether or not she will think she made a mistake...I still believe she will most of the time.


And yes I know I would NEVER do that to another person. After all of this I could never even think of inflicting such pain onto another human being.

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