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My best friend is really freaking out and I was just looking for some experiences to help put this puzzle together.


She had totally unprotected sex a few weeks ago, the guy finished inside her and everything. She did not take plan B, etc. She ends up getting a period but it is REALLY uncharacteristically heavy, and she was passing clots. It lasted for a long time, too, like 10 days, which is way longer than normal for her.


She called her OB, who told her had it been a miscarriage she would have been in way more pain. But I feel like pain is relative, how can the OB really know that...?


What do you guys think?

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It could be a miscarriage or it could be something other cause. If she never knew she was pregnant there is really no way of being 100% sure that it was a miscarriage. When I had my miscarriage I was in excruciating pain, as was everyone else I know. But that really depends on the person. With early miscarriages there can be severe pain or very minor pain (What feels like regular period cramps). If she thinks she has had a miscarriage though she needs to be seen to make sure her body has passed all of the tissue.

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i had a miscarriage and it was extremely painful -- like really bad menstrual cramps. for me, it hurt more in my lower back and lower pelvis area. also, the blood was very bright red rather than the darker, browner menstrual blood (sorry, tmi!).

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I had 3 miscarriages, the last one at four months and I can tell you it was extremely painful. Even the 2 at 5 weeks the pain was so bad I could not walk. It is possible, they would have to do a blood test to be sure. yes, make sure all the tissue is out. My miscarriage at 4 months which was unbearably painful both physically and mentally and emotionally, they left an entire placenta inside and I almost died from the uterine infection.

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When I had a miscarriage early on it was not that painful physically. Emotionally was another story.


It felt like period cramps that were more severe than usual. There is speculation that many women have early miscarriages and do not even know it.


It is pretty much impossible to tell right now if she just had a heavy period or if she had a miscarriage. Without proof I think she should do the "easier" thing and assume that she did not have one.


If she had unprotected sex a few weeks ago, and miscarried, it would be so early that I doubt she'd have to worry about any tissue being left behind or infection, etc. Has the bleeding stopped? If she continues to bleed she should see her doctor for a check-up, just to be safe. She may have something else going on.

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I really agree with Belladonna. She's going to be better off thinking it is *not* a miscarriage.


This might sound bad, but does it really matter whether it was one? She surely is not pregnant. If it was a miscarriage, she is not pregnant. If it was just her period, she still is not pregnant. I guess that thinking it was a miscarriage might reiterate why safe sex is so important?

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definitely have it checked out. go to an emergency clinic if necessary. remaining tissue can most definitely lead to infection. i know i'm a guy...but i've been with a girl who went through this. she didn't have it checked out and she got an infection. that was far more unpleasant than anything that could have resulted from her having it checked out in the first place.

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