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We're moving to the same city again! LC now??

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We dated for 4 years, the last two were long distance because he moved away for work and didn't want me to move with him until I finished school. He broke up with me February 2008, so about a year and two months ago. Since then, we had full contact, Ive been out to see him (As "friends") he's comeout to see me (only bc his family lives in my current city), I have done NC for periods of a couple months at a time, LC as well. For the past three months we have been NC and he didnt call on my birthday this past Saturday.


Well, he called me yesterday and we talked for about an hour. He didnt want to call on my actual birthday because he wanted to respect that it was my day and I had initiated NC, but he felt he couldn't just let it pass by so he waited a couple days. Anyways, he let me know that he will be moving back to our hometown in about a month. I am planning on moving back when I finish school in around December.


The reasons we broke up were because the strain of two years long distance, the arguing as a result of that, and the fact that he had been in a relationship for almost four years and never experienced being single. He has made it very clear, multiple times, that he doesn't see us getting back together. The thing is, I feel that the break-up was easier for both of us due to the fact that we both lived in neutral cities afterwards. Now, that we will be living in the same one, with mutual friends, maybe the feelings can be reignited? I of course, still adore him and think of our four years together as wonderful, and feel the distance ultimately tore us apart.


Do you think it's possible for him to see me and those feelings come back. My theory is that since I was out of sight out of mind it made it that much easier for him to turn off his feelings. I don't know.... sorry for rambling Im just so antsy/confused. He was supposed to be in his city for at least four more years and now all of a sudden he's moving home. I don't know how I will handle running into him, and even a year after I still have so much love towards him. Has anyone ever lost feelings for someone due to distance but then found themselves once again attracted after being reunited?

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