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I dont understand him. Please tell me what you think.x.


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I split with my boyfriend of 2yrs nearly 3 months ago, he said he didnt think he could make me happy anymore(in other words he wasnt happy anymore) Ever since ive been trying to do all the typical things they tell you to to help yourself move on. Ive lost 3 stone, changed my hair, thrown myself into my uni work spent loads of time with family and friends and also made new friends along the way.


My ex and i had minimal contact at first he text me on my birthday and valentines day but that was ab out it and i was the same. Over the last month or so its been pretty regular. Hes very honest?? in the texts saying he misses me, hes happy that i 'seem' so happy, he says he doesnt want to see me or be my mate because he will want to get back with me if he sees me, he said he hasnt and wont be with anyone else for a very long time because all he thinks about is me and he wants me to know how much he still cares.


Sunday night was the first time we saw eachother since we split, it was in a nightclub and he was very funny with me i was really friendly and chatty and he was quite rude really. Then a bloke came up to me and said how pretty i was and could he have my number. My ex went mental and stormed off. I had a text off him saying he couldnt handle it and was so jealous. I told him it was his choice to finish things and ive not heard off him since.


Hes never once said he wants to get back together am i reading to much into everything to think he does?

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The ex is having an immature hissy fit. If he wants you back, he can be a man and get you back. Instead he is trying to make you feel bad about the relationship ending, he wants to see you cry so he can feel like he is worht something.don't give it to him.

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