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Apprehension Prior To Travel


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When I travel alone, as I often do, I always get this overwhelming fear or meloncholy before leaving. I know it has to do with leaving my kitties, I love them so much, and they have a sitter that comes by twice a day, but still, I get very sad. Almost, but never, wanting to cancel the trip. Does anyone else go through this?

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I was driving with a musician to a gig recently, and in the middle of the drive she yelled out "Duboosh". It was very strange, and quite hilarious. She explained that she was talking via telepathy to her cat, who had called her.


Your question reminded me of that, actually.


I am overly sentimental about a lot of things, I even say goodbye to the furnishings on occasion. I think it's totally normal. You leave an important part of your life behind for a while.


But what's the alternative, to be like what's-her-name (the lady with the wedding cake that was never eaten because the groom was a no-show, and it sat there for decades) from Great Expectations? You are also going towards important parts of your life.


So feel the feelings and go on with life. I sometimes find that keeping busy up till a few minutes before the cab arrives, or planning appointments and stops on the way if I'm driving really helps.

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