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Yeah, me again.


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So... I seem to have a lower frustration tolerance lately, as well as sensitivity, and well, I'm a mess to be honest.


I could do with some hugs... or someone to talk to... someone who will listen... not judge me, or any of that crap...


I just... feeling so triggered right now, and very insulted, I'm extremely unwell, have taken some Tramadol and Pepto (for my acid reflux incase it's that that is acting up ontop of everything else). Feeling nausous and pretty "bleh" right now... just... a bit alone... a bit... down... mad... confused... worried... yet, a spark of hope is the only thing keeping me going...


So, yeah, just needed to... get that out.


I'd really appreciate... hugs... support... anything...


this forum is like, a home to me...


thanks, I guess, even for reading...

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Well, I guess I'm pretty feeling awful from being ill for three and a half months with no label as to why. It's frustrating. I cry quite frequently from how annoyed I am and how much it's hurting and how I just... can't deal with it. Then we have the two faced, stuck up, twisting evilness "people" of this world. Then we have the ones that attack and insult. Then we have the whole "depression" thing kinda going on. Oh, let's not forget the daily battle with a certain disease called anorexia, although previously has been diagnosed as also bulimia, but I guess it's not uncommon to suffer from both or flip back and forth.


I guess... well, yeah, sums it up.

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