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"Naked Guy" experience


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I just saw an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" talking about the Naked Guy-- taking your clothes off when a woman is out of the room to see what reaction you get.On the show it says you get lucky 2/3 of the time.

Well, I stopped by a married co-worker's house ( She worked part-time in a restaurant, I was coming home from my full -time job). She had said that her husband was out of town and since I saw her car sitting there I figured I would stop in and say hi(I was 40 and she was around 38). I knocked on her back porch door and heard no answer but it was unlocked. I walked down the hallway and peeked into the bathroom to see her at the sink.

I appeared in the doorway and said, "Hi, I knocked and when you didn't answer, I got worried so I figured I check and see if all was OK." She didn't seem to be embarrassed and pinched my cheeks saying, "That's Sweet, but a have to go and check my food on the stove." When she left to do this it ran through my head to strip down and go to the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen and hopped up on the counter next to her and asked , " Is there anything you would like to add to the meal?" She was speechless looking down at me but I thought she was going to go along with it. What she did next was a completed surprise - she reached out for my privates and all of a sudden instead of a gentle caress I got an iron squeeze with her saying, " What the hell were you thinking, get the hell out of here before I rip it off." I dropped off the counter and grabbed my stuff and ran from the house. She didn't speak to me for about a week and when she did she said she felt shocked still by what I had done. So obvously this was one of the 1/3 incidents.

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