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There is the girl that I find very attractive at my college and we have a few classes together. We are also in the same groups in a couple classes (random not by choice). We get along great I make her laugh. I got her number through the projects we do together not by me asking haha. We talk about mainly school and projects. I text her sometimes just to ask her about school and then try to expand it sometimes. I always initiate the contact.


My only problem is I am just too scared/intimidated to ask her out. She is very attractive in my eyes and I am sure in other guys as well. She doesn't have a boyfriend. I am just too scared to ask her out on a date, because if she says no then all of our classes and group meetings from then on out I feel will be awkward.


I just need to get over my low self-esteem I guess. Every other guy she talks to I feel is superior to me and I know I shouldn't feel that way. I just do not want to get denied because then the rest of this semester and the fall semester will be awful (we have same class; in the same major). I dont know I guess I just need to get on for the ride and just go for it.

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I dont know I guess I just need to get on for the ride and just go for it.


I agree-just go for it.


Don't overthink it. When we overthink stuff like this, we wind up doing nothing.


I just posted in another thread to another guy who wants to ask a girl out from the library.


I know first hand how "scary" it is asking someone out that you see on a daily basis. That didn't stop me. I did not get the my desired result-I later found out that he had become serious with someone he was dating-they eventually got married. After asking him out, I pretty much saw him on a regular basis (we worked together in different departments). Did I get embarrassed? No. I just asked him out....I hadn't asked him to marry me, lol.


Manup-like your screen name says




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i highly encourage you to go for it!


you may feel that every guy she talks to is superior than you, but guess what? you get along with her and can make her laugh. you know how effin hard that can be sometimes????? so there, you've got something over those other guys.


also, you fear that it will ruin the whole academic year for you if she denies you? nah, i'm willing to bet that if she denies you, you'll feel like crap for a day or two, but that's it. so give yourself more credit, and go for it.

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Just remember even if she does say no, it's not that she's rejecting you, she's just rejecting going out with you and it's not the same thing. Don't take it personally. It's like how she might not like bananas. But that's not to say that bananas are bad since other people do like them. So if you find out she doesn't like bananas there's always other people who do.

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