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Aight here is the story, I was on an intramural(sp?) team and we were playing a team who had this real cute girl on the team who i was checkin out and I caught her lookin at me too acouple of times... Well her team went on to smoke us and long story short I left without getting her number because I thought id see her around campus not around 10 loud obnoxious girls(they were all from a sports team who were her teammates (yes my team sucked, i wasnt bad but my team was).


Problem was it had been acouple of weeks and i never saw her on campus, and no one I knew knew her.


So I remembered that sports teams had a web site, with the roster I looked up her name then found her on facebook, requested to be friends for the hell of it, she accepted(I know doesnt mean anything).


I just wanna shoot her a message to try to get her number, I dont wanna ask her out through fbook what I did is already creepy enough in my book. I consider myself a good looking guy, Ive never had to try really to get a girl, so this is new so it has allowed my game to suck.


Any tips on how I should go about it??

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So, just curious, are you in high school or college? Either way, if you have a class with her or see her at school in the cafeteria or library, you could walk up to her and introduce yourself and begin the convo by saying "Oh, hi -- do you remember when our teams played such-and-such on (whatever date it was)... " I know, it's so tricky...but I'm thinking of ways you could get in touch without feeling creepy or having her feel creepy. From your post, it sounds like you go to the same school, is that correct? One thing you can do, and this really does work, is just visualize that you two will run into each other say, at the library, or McDonald's or the gym.... You could also send her a card, in care of her school, and be sure to preface it with something like, "Hi, I hope this does not seem weird, but I saw you at the game on _____, and I wanted to meet you. Would you be interested in going out for coffee sometime?"


Very tricky. Sorry if these suggestions sound elementary...l tried! Good luck, and I hope you guys run into each other somewhere.

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College, which is why I havent seen her anywhere. Ive never taken the online route but I never see her for some reason. If I run into her I would do what you suggested, kinda funny its always the opposite usually when I first notice/meet someone I see them all the time after except for now.


I think ill try what I bolded, thanks.

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