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Blackouts - one off or cause for concern?

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I had a very brief blackout this weekend and I'm just wondering how common this is, whether its worth bothering to see a dr about it.


As I've mentioned in another topic I went to Ireland this weekend to see my LDR man had a great time, lots of fun. The only problem was that I blacked out. While we were having sex.


I was kneeling on the floor and he was standing in front of me and well, you can probably guess what I was doing! I have had some nausea before because of the head bobbing action combined with if the room is too hot and if it goes too far so I'm gagging, so when I suddenly started to feel physically sick I thought it was just that. I sat back, told him I felt ill, took a sip of water, doesn't help at all, room starts spinning and I try to pull myself up onto the bed and I can feel my legs and arms are shaking.

Then everything goes a bit.... disconnected? It felt like my eyes were open but all I could see was black, and I couldn't feel the rest of my body. Then after a couple of seconds I opened my eyes (or I think I did cos I wasn't sure they were closed) and I could see but for 2 seconds I had no idea where I was or who I was with, and I was lying on the bed but I don't remember actually managing to get onto it.


I was okay after that, lay down for a while and took it easy. I've never had a blackout before or since. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it likely just a product of a hot day plus a lot of movement? I don't want to waste a morning at the doctors if all they'll be able to say is 'come back if it happens again'

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i blacked out a couple oftimes, that was when i was in a hot room and had been standing up all day.

didnt do anything about it but found that during the next month or so i was feeling kind of dizzy and occasionally had to sit down.

when i dropped a glass in a resturant after feeling dizzy my friends persuaded me 2 go to the doctors.

i did and they did some blood tests and were quite happy to try and work it out.


i think it is worth having it checked out, cos it might be nothing but it might be anemia or diabeties or something else whihc needs dealing with.


i think doctors are quite happy to look at any worry, and i really think it is worth asking about anyhing like blacking out


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