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Movies that helped you?

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Big one for me has been "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". It's got funny and cringe-worthy moments, but at it's heart it is a reminder that we can't just idealize the good times and must eventually come to realize the bad that was included and learn to move on with our lives in a positive manner. Of course, it's not as easy or fast as the movie makes it out to be, but at least it's a reminder that it's possible.

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High Fidelity (with John Cusack)


The complete series of Cold Feet


The first got me laughing about love and related drama after my first break up. The latter was a very welcome relief when I broke up with an LDR bf and was depressed also before that. God, did I spend a lot of time in front of a tv screen in that time.

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I enjoyed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." I had doubts, based on the cover, but I liked it, and laughed. Always looking for movies I can laugh with.


I second Forgetting Sarah Marshall!


I also really like Cashback. Like Forgetting Sarah Marshall it's kind of a tragicomic movie. Watch it!

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A movie that has helped me is the “Wedding Singer.” I especially love the song “Somebody Kill Me” that Robbie sings about his ex-girlfriend Linda. It’s funny how the song starts off talking about how much he loves her and then switches to intense anger for the horrible way she treated him.


This movie also shows the dumper Linda coming back to Robbie, but when Linda comes back Robbie no longer wants her due to the face he has found an honest and sweeter woman in Julia (Drew Barrymore.” I know that some of us who have been dumped keep a glimmer of hope that our ex will return even after they have left us high and dry. I thought it was great to see Robbie having the confidence to tell Linda to take a hike and have the ability to see that a person that is worth it would not treat you as badly as Linda treated him.


I also feel exactly like the character Robbie because I am the nice guy who goes out of the way for people. I do not have a fancy occupation, possessions, or a desire to be with a different woman every night. All I really want it to find a woman to grow old with a woman who loves me. I know “The Wedding Sing” is full of clichés but it gives me hope that I one day I will find love again.

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