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What Are you Supposed To Do When you Recieve Romantic Indirect Messages...????

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Ok So me and my ex , broken up for months and months now. I posted a thread a few weeks ago about how i got physical with him once, except he regretted it afterwards, saying he felt weird about it, that it was "wrong, because we aren't in a committed relationship". So it never happened again and we just stayed normal friends.


But he has done a couple of odd things as of late. A couple of days after our getting close physically (Even though he completely backed away afterwards), 2 days later his facebook status changed to -"where is my baby


I thought it was weird, as he normally never changes his status! Then, now it's about 2 weeks down the line, and his status on blackberry messenger is 'I can't stop thinking about you...'


What am I supposed to do?! On both occasions I didn't show any reaction. What does all of this mean?

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Well yeah... what are you suppose to do? You have NO idea that those messages are even directed towards you. Sit back and chill...


If it is you that he's posting about... sooner or later he's going to have to come knocking. If he doesn't... well at least you didn't make a fool of yourself eh?

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