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I escaped the Friendzone!!! :D she admitted she had feelings for me!!! :D


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Haha, I feel good now...


if you have read my prior posts:






You'll see that I had a friend who I was close with. I initially thought of her as "just a friend", but recently, everything changed...


I was on the phone with her as I usually am prone to be (We talk to each other ALOT), and we were just having a casual conversation, and then the subject of "Friends" came up.

We talked about it for a while, and finally I just said "******, do you like me as more than a friend? because I think I like you that way myself" and guess what? she burst into tears of joy, because she thought I would have never noticed her, and we'd never go beyond a certain point! she seemed awkward talking about it however, so we changed the topic...but she said before I bid her good night "you know, I'm so thankful that you entered my life...I'm just happy." and that made me feel good, so I guess we're going to start dating. I'm glad that she finally admitted her feelings for me, it felt real good to be honest!


I'm just happy for now. I mean, It feels good knowing that she did like me this whole time, and that she thinks so highly of me. so for now, I'm happy. Thanks everyone on Enotalone for all the advice!


and one more thing: for ANYONE who thinks that you can't escape the friendzone, trust me! you can do it! I'm living proof!

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Congrats too.




Only if you haven't been shot-down-confirmed in the friend zone yet.


No, I was in the friendzone for sure...she told me I couldn't possibly ever interest her sexually, so I'd be like a brother to her...so I said that's fine, and I guess what happened is I dated alot of girls in front of her (not to make her jealous, no, I'd never do that to her), told her what kind've girl I wanted, and she realized that I was a genuine guy, especially when we'd have cuddle and spooning sessions, hehe...


and yeah, she texted me a while ago, say's she wants to formally date me. I want to too! I mean, I still have to think some things over (like the risks of us breaking up) but otherwise, I'm down!

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