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i KNOW no contact is the way to go and i KNOW it will help in the long run


but im literally addicted to contact with him. we have a "thing" now, seeing each other several times a week, exclusive with each other etc etc and i think if i let it go ill lose him. i dont know if no contact even will work or wont work but i feel like it will but im so scared of losing him in my life i cannot get myself to do it.


how do i start it and keep myself strong?


i do want him back in the end and i know no contact will work, but just curious has there ever been a time when someone was in contact with their ex and they got back together? i know every situation is different and my closest friends tell me to just ride it out and to not do no contact because they think sooner or later he will turn around.


i totally understand where hes coming from, its not like i resent him for not wanting to be with me. he doesnt want the full responsibilities of a relationship and thats why we have a "thing" now. so he doesnt always have to check in with me or see me everyday but he likes the closeness we have and im fine with that.

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LIke you said, you're addicted...It's like any other drug i'm afraid. You sort of start counting the days you've been able to manage yourself not to suffer a relapse, like an alcoholic has been 23 days, 4 hours without drinking alcohol, you know what i mean...


I'm probably worse than you at this sort of stuff, but what i can advice you is to give you awards when you not contact the person, and punish yourself when you do. Other than that, find someone you can talk to when you feel you need to do so, i'm pretty sure you can find someone here. Someone you can tell "i can't help it, i need to call him"

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My dear,


Please take the advice of people who have been through this.


I am sure that you have seen countless posts on how being in contact does not help, and how it actually pushes the ex in the other direction. Sure, there may be some posts on here that actually favoured LC - and it worked out in the end, but how many are there?


Take it from the experience of the people here, take it from my experience




There will come a time when you stop counting the days of NC and u will look back once in a while and say to yourself, "hey, it's been quite a while since I spoke to him!", and you will feel this great sense of accomplishment!



I wish you well!

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