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so the day is finally here! i made 30 days.. FULL NO CONTACT..

no msn, facebook, txt or calling... havnt even run into her!...


feeling so much better about the break up... still miss her a fair bit. but going strong.


for all those that are still counting days of no contact, it gets better! its gets so much better.


iv started exercising more. new/more friends... meeting people i wouldnt never had spoken to if i had a partner. going out more (spenind more money *sigh* lol)


but enjoying the experiance of life so much more now.


Thankyou everyone at ENA, for all your support guidence and just letting me ramble about myself!


from the bottom of my heart thankyou all so much

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Well done, you are just 2 days ahead of me.


I wish I could share your optimism, I am still stuck in a crappy place. I am not too down, just a little below where I need to be. The thoughts running through my head...don't get me started, I am moving nowhere fast on that front.


Is your ex dating someone new as mine is? That's the biggest problem for me in moving on.

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I have no idea, and i dont what to know... because when i start learning or knowing anything about her.. its just another * * * * day.. im not going to get back in my life.


if my ex wants me back.. im sure she will find a way to contact me. but until or if that day ever occurs.. its all me... i dont need/want her influencing my life or my thoughts..


no contact means, nothing to do with them, dont even want to hear about her.


hope that helps?

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Congrats on your 30 days! It really is a milestone in progress. I haven't been actively counting my days of NC, but I think it's been a month or a little more. Glad to hear that you're feeling pretty good!


I still feel kind of crappy alot of days, but that is because I am finally finished healing and now I have to rebuild my life. It's kind of been on hold for the last several months, I feel like I've been a zombie walking around and now I'm finally awake.


I feel a little better having started dating again, and also having heard that he hasn't got a new girlfriend (is that mean?).


Keep living your life for you and do what makes you happy!

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Congratulations on 30 days Xplode


Tomorrow (The 14th) will be my 30 days since i last heard from her as well. It isn't easy but you are absolutely right about what NC means. I don't want to hear about her, it ruins my day as well. Heck i had a few nights where i have had a dream about her, and when i woke up i felt miserable.


In any case my friend, congratulations again and continue to stay strong.

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Congrats! That said do be patient if you have bad days too...healing is not linear ie in the beginning of real recovery you often experience both up and down days ...sometimes an unexpected trigger will toss you back (as was referenced by a poster ie a dream)...so be loving and patient with yourself if you do encounter those emotional "slips" and just remember "this will eventally pass it is NOT permanent" ...happy healing and congrats again!

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