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What to do, please help!


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Okay, well I have gotten all the advice I need regarding my over reactions and tips on conversations etc. THis is a little diffrent though. I recently found out that the girl who I am hanging out with and intend on dating is hooking up with one of her best friends. We aren't going out yet and i'm not mad by any means, but how can I approach her and talk to her about us, while she will be with this guy at a dance? Do I just call her and shoot the bull or do I call her immediately and express my feelings etc. I just don't feel comfortable doing all of this knowing that this weekend she will be at a dance with one of her good friends. I don't want to make her choose or put her in an akward situation so do I just wait it out and call her next week?? I just don't understand how we can hang out, have dinner one night, and then the next week we don't end up talking. Any advice at all will help, thanks in advance!



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Well, I have a little bit of advice...

If I were you, I would try to talk to her before or after the dance. Wait until she is not with this guy for sure, you don't know their situation. Also, if you know this guy at all, I would suggest casually mentioning something about her. Try to figure out their situation, are they together or just firends? Does he like her?

Communication is the key to many things that you will face in life, and while the answer may not usually be what we want or what we thought it would be, I believe that everything happens for a reason. If this girl and you get together, then it was meant to be. If not, it wasn't.

I think that patience really is a virtue... there is an old secret to young love: PEOPLE ALWAYS WANT WHAT THEY CAN'T HAVE.

The more semi-kinda-maybe interested you are, the better your chances of landing the chick. It's just how it is!

While I do reccomend talking to her, don't put yoursellf out there and get your heart broken. Your young, and there will be other chicks.



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