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Any advice on this relationship?


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So i have been dating a girl for three weeks. We went out for dinners and movies. Last night we went for KTV with two of her female friends. After that i sent her home. It was raining and i asked her to bring down an umbrella for me while i was waiting for her down her apartment. I kissed her when she came back with her umbrella but i didn't feel she felt comfortabe being kissed by me and kind of pushing me away saying she wanted to go back now coz her cousin was waiting for her up there. (She is living with her cousin and her cousin's husband and their child)


From time to time i don't quite feel that she is feeling for me the way i am feeling for her. I mean i would call to ask how she is and ask her to put on more clothes when it's getting cooler in the place where she works and asked her to eat something before she went to bed coz sometimes she worked late. i think i am nice and sweet to her. But i am not feeling the same way she is feeling back for me and i don't think she really cares about me. Most of the time i think the relationship is getting one-sided wih me always being the one to initiate. I am not blaming anything, i know it's just her. I think we are quite different in personality. She is the one who is fond of playing while i am the one who is quiet most of the time. I am not sure if i shoudl continue this relationship or not. Right now i don't feel anything. Any advice? thank you.

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