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Labels only describe, they don't define

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I came up with this single line that I think would help shed light on a number of issues we see recurring on this forum, and I'd like some thoughts on this please:


"A label can only describe. It doesn't define."


I think it's a bit like the ancients observing the motion of celestial spheres, designing elaborate models to describe them, passing those models down the generations, until people believed the models described the real thing - that the Sun and everything else goes around the Earth.


Many people, when they discover that they like people of the same gender, decide to describe themselves as gay. Then, if they're now attracted to somebody of the opposite gender, they wrestle with the idea, how can I like somebody of the opposite gender if I'm gay?


I feel such debates with oneself are futile - the label was there only to help us describe ourselves, and it helps to simplify communication. In the end, the labels are just that, and we must not let us get sidetracked from the real issue at hand - which person do I like, and do I want to be with that person.


Any thoughts?

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