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Getting a tattoo; opinions needed!

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I've decided I am going to get a tattoo in the next month or so. I've decided on what I want and have narrowed down the location to my bicep/upper arm or my upper back.


From a female perspective, which location would you prefer on a male? The tattoo is going to be small to medium sized.


Also, for anyone who has a tattoo, what kind of pain should I expect?

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My bf has 8 tattoos, and I really like the spots he chose for them. Personally, I like upper back more than bicep. I consider one myself on my hip. The pain is considerable, but part of the deal, sort of. At least that's how he describes it. Be prepared for a period of time for healing and soreness. If you like to tan in the summer, keep in mind that it really must NOT get sunburned. Maybe get it when it's still spring.


And pics pls when it's done! I love tattoos.

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