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Do we need their love?


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A weekend of reflection and awakening for me - causes me to look inside and try and understand this NEED for her love. How the heck did I get in this mess - i am quite a strong individual emotional yet for some reason this time, I found myself needing her as she drifts away? The worst thing I could have done is chase her - something that has happened in the past with dire consequences. I even have a tattoo on my arm to remind me to not be slave to my temptations and emotions.


Do I REALLY need her love? If she's not willing to give her love to me, then why do I chase?


I think the underlying problem is when I NEED someone - in an unhealthy way - then it puts s burden on the partner and they feel like they cant move. Somehow we lose ourselves in the relationship, and we feed off of the other - and this just spells trouble for the overall health of the relationship.


Anyone have comments on this?


Like I mentioned in another post, Ive been reading the book "I Need Your Love - Is that True?", by Bryon Katie and has been great therapy for me.


Does anyone have any other reading suggestions?


And i know that the quicker I get me back, and get over "needing" - then I'll be back to the guy she was attracted to and certainly attractive to others.

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