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I met a woman online. We've been on two dates, the most recent being ice skating. Things seem to be going well. The conversation flows rather naturally, we share similar interests, casual touching, and there have been references to future activities. I haven't moved in for a kiss yet, I'm working up the courage to do so.


During one of our conversations I found out that she had a younger brother who died a couple of years ago. His birthday is in two days. My date said it would be a very sad day for her. I was thinking about emailing or calling her to offer to do something with her to take her mind off of it. I was also going to send a sentimental poem.


Is it too early to be this involved in a very personal family matter? I don't want her to get the wrong idea or make her feel worse about the situation. I just want to offer a simple gesture of kindness on a sad day.

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