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Just how long after breakup is a new relation still considered....

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How long after a breakup is a new relationship still considered a rebound?


I find myself wondering because through the grapevine i have heard my ex is trying to meet and talk to people though online dating sites. Mostly JDate her friend tells me (i didnt ask) as she is jewish and i think me NOT being jewish had to do with her leaving...


I am also asking out of curiosity for myself as I have met a new lady who has some potential...it has been 2 1/2 months since my ex and I last saw each other/spoke...


Btw...out of curiosity, anyone else think that trying to find someone through online dating sites is the effort of a socially inept person ?? lol....I dont know maybe im projecting some anger for her leaving me but i respect her decision to walk...


Anyway let me know..feel free to comment/criticize...

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It all depends on different people.


Different individuals have different definitions on what a "rebound" is.


Some people define a rebound as getting into a new relationship X amount of time after an old one.


To me, the amount of time does not matter. It may be a day, a week, a month, or a year, but as long as the dumper/dumpee no longer has any feelings or cares/concerns for the ex, it is not a rebound.

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I agree with this but also want to add that it depends on the reasons for the new relationship too. You may not feel anything for the ex but if you get with someone because you need validation, are lonely, miss having someone in your life, I consider this a rebound too.


Right, I forgot to include that. Opps! haha. I was just about to edit it

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It really depends on the situation. Some people, like myself, emotionally distance themselves from their partner while considering breaking up with them, so this can lead to a feeling of being completely over them once the breakup happens. Some people break it off earlier and need lots of time to heal. The same goes for being dumped - some lucky people are able to get over it quickly, and for some it takes longer.


I think it depends on your individual outlook when it comes to what is a rebound, as well as motive. If you're just going into a new relationship for confidence or to speed up the healing process, then it leans more toward a rebound. However, if you genuinely like the new person, I don't think it matters if you start seeing them one day or one year after breaking up with your ex! Just be sure it's what's best for your happiness, and everything should be cool.


Best of luck!

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