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April Come She Will??

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Could someone please tell me:

a) the significance of the song 'April Come She Will' and what the lyrics are commonly believed to mean




b) why a guy who dumped me hideously in January is now sending me a youtube link to a film clip of the song?? ](*,)




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I found this which may help;


link removed


It seems to mirror the stages of the relationship and perhaps he is either just trying to tease you by suggesting he is over and playing some game (which means to me he probably actually isn't over you) or he has sent a reminder of the relationship to you. Without knowing more about him/you both, it is hard to say.

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I think the main "meaning" is just that he wants to talk to you again and thought the best way to do it was an ambiguous gesture that he's hoping you will interpret in whatever way is most charitable to him.

ETA: Now that i've read the whole story on your breakup with him, I think his intention all along has been to keep you as a backup option if things did not work out with that ex he got back together with over the holidays. He liked you okay - just not as much as he wanted to see where things went with the ex. So my suspicion is that things are starting to go sour with the person he's been dating and he is trying to determine if you're game for another round.

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April come she WONT!


I gave no real reaction to the freaky song link - I didnt question it or interpret anything in it.. He then sent me a message randomly commenting that I had changed my hair again.. now today, he changed his facebook status to 'in a relationship' - which confirms what I thought all along, he is a bastard who allows other girls to ruin his relationships.. Why communicate with someone you dumped when you are happily in a relationship? He has no use for me - he should not be contacting me! If I were his girlfriend, I would be pissed off if I knew what he was doing... It is so sad that guys cant just appreciate what they have and embrace being in love with their special person.. Why hang onto these silly games and mess with people you've hurt? Just let it go..


And right now, so wish NC had not been broken.. More fool me! This totally confirms that I have no interest in this shady bastard.. I am so glad this was not meant to be... he is an arrogant, narcissistic bastard and no girl deserves that.

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Hi Minute


This is pretty crappy, isn't it? You need to use this new information and your anger to propel yourself away from this tosspot because you deserve so much better.


Try and stay away from his fartbook if you can because it won't do you any good at all to go looking there.


Now is the time to ignore any further contact from him - shady bastard indeed!



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Yeah its all blocked and phone numbers etc.. deleted. I am so much better than this and the more I hang onto this nonsense, the less likely I am to be ready for my someone amazing... I am so over this juvenile stuff - another excellent reason for NOT using facebook.. Although, it is strangely satisfying to have it confirmed that he is indeed, in a relationship, because it has made him so throughly unappealing - big fat cheater, not someone i would want anyway!

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