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I think its truly over... Is there any hope???


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Well, I still don't know what to think of my ex!! She cheated on me with one of my friends. I did push her away in the relationship. tomorrow i am getting all my stuff from her. She says she misses me but I don't know if that is true. I'm so mad at her, we were so muh in love, I really thought she was the one. So I go and get my stuff, I have tryed so hard to win her heart back, and it has almost worked 2 times. Last week she told me that her and this other guy are on a break. That lasted for a couple of days. Now there with each other every minute! I can't believe she has done this to me!! Is there anyway she will want to work things out? It seems like she will never come back? I don't know if I want her back? Well, I know I would in a second, but things would be different! Has this happened to anyone else where its seems there is no hope, and the relationship was so strong, and were in so much love? I feel like theres no hope!!

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hey... not sure how useful this advice will be, but i think that the fact that you're still angry with this girl for cheating on you speaks volumes. I think you've gotta ask yourself how much you trust her after what she's done to you. People cheating on each other is so common now, but it doesn't in any way make it acceptable behaviour. Relationships are built on trust. If you don't even trust her anymore, it's time to move on.


Good luck!



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My gf broke up with me and starting seeing one of my mates not long after we broke up. Yes you should be angry and that will pass over time. You have to ask yourself...if you get her back will you trust her. I know you love her as i do my ex...Tell her how you feel. That your angry, discusted and never thought she could do that to you...cos you prob wouldn't do that to her. Tell her you need some time and space but tell her that you love her and want her back.


If you give her space then it allows her to really think about you and what she has done. I f over time she doesn't come back and still sees this guy, you have to decide if you want or friendship ore not.


Remember, why love someone who doesn't want you. Why care for someone who doesn't care about you and why want someone who doesn't want you


Kepp it real cos you are special



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Listen my friend...


I don't know if you are following my stories or not but go back and read some of my stuff than you will see how thus tings usually end up.


In my case I broke up with my ex and I pushed her away…few days after she ended up with a guy… after a while we talked again and tried it one more time but my friend never ever is it going to be the same trust me my friend…I wasn't able to trust her she was totally a different person she always compared him and me and that fact hurts a lot you can not imagine when a girl compares you or tells you she can't decide between two guys…


And in case that she gets back it is not going to work, because it will never be the same…you will be different, too. That she misses you I believe her that but my friend my ex tolled me that she loves me and now she again ended up with him. The only thing I can tell you is time and space this is the only thing that might help you… I absolutely know how you feel, because I am in the same situation…see from day to day I see how much she lied behind my back…and my friend she didn't cheat on my she "just" lied…but imagine what a pain it is when you know she cheated on you….


My question for you is…if someone does it once why is he/she not going to be able to do it 4th…..5th…6th time


My friend it will never be the same….I am struggling with that problem but I have to go over it…

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