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I kissed him last night, what was I thinking !!

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Just woke up with a bad hangover and a worse guilt pang of kissin my ex at a party last night....I know I should have stayed away frm the drinks, but now feel like a total idiot thinkin about how we ended up kissing...It was totally casual but very intense. I have been in NC for so long and now this act has ruined every little scope for me to move on, feel like its a huge setback

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Well, I can only say that what's done is done. You can't change the past, only do what's necessary to improve your future. Maybe you can try to think of this as the impetus you need to finally put everything behind you and really start working on yourself and worrying about you only so that you can truly move on from the break up.


Good luck.

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It doesn't have to be that bad, just don't call her or talk to her still...for one you didn't sleep with her and two you aren't likely to be clingy or hoping for a reconciliation...by not contacting her you may confuse her.

As for you taking the setback, you do it, take a deep breath and start again, it's not easy but it's necessary.

NC day one.

Good luck


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Tushboy, let me get my facts right. Is this the same ex that you have been writing about for quiiiiiite some time?


I am sorry but I'm going to speak harshly here. I guess I've never responded to your threads, but what you're writing here is making me slap my forehead in despair. I first came to eNA at about the same time as you, equally heartbroken after a break-up, that was nearly THREE years ago. In that time, I have read you writing about getting back with him, breaking again, him, getting back with you again, cheating again, both of you going to the same parties and playing stupid mind games around the room, breaking again, agonising about whether he really means anything he says when he tells you tempting things, dangles a carrot in front of you so that you start jumping.


And now this.


My man, you have been on eNA long enough, you are old enough and wise enough to know better. I won't even waste my breath talking about NC. You know it, and what's more you constantly ignore it and prefer to p*** away literally years of your life running after some man who has proved more than enough that he is not good for you.


I am being tough I know. But it is as if successive generations of eNAers are now reading your threads thinking that this is the first time you've allowed this rubbish person access to you. It's not. Please, for your own sake, man up.

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