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gauging interest


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Hey Enotalone;


I need some womanly advice on a girl I like. First of all I met her while going to a club, she is one of my cousin's best friends. We chit chatted small talk and I thought that she wasn't interested. So we all had fun that night, her,me, and my cousin. At the end of the night when I dropped her off, she asked to have my cap I recieved from work, so I said go for it. Now flash forward almost 2 years. I have her on my fb friend list but never heard or talked to her. I recently broke up with my ex and totally over her (4 breakup and 5 make up.. trust me. it's over) anyways, I took one of those aura test things and found my colour. I published the results, a little later she responds and in a playful matter jokes about the colour. I joke back and it goes back and forth a few times. I thought, that's nice but it don't mean she likes me in that way yet. Next day, I make some dedications on Ilike and she responds again, talkng about the song I sent. I answer again. I'm just wondering if she's interested in me or just being friendly? I like her and would like to get to know her better but am afraid to move too fast. How do you break the ice so to speak. To make your move before ousted to the dreaded friend zone?

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