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You're my best friend and I love you...


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All of my best friends are men. I just feel more comfortable around guys. Anyways there has always been a little sexual tension between my best friend and I. It always seemed like bad timing. For the first time we are both single. I really didn't want to sleep with him because he is by far my closest friend and if that were to ever be broken I would be devistated. However, after 2 years of solid friendship and a bottle of wine we ended up having sex. Not good sex at that, sloppy drunk sex.


We never really talked about it. Just pretended everything was the same. We sleep next to each other like we always did. It was never a problem. But we had sex again, twice. I'm starting to fall in love with him, and he still treats me like his best friend.


I'm afraid to say anything because I know I will problly loose the best friend I have ever had. But on the other hand if I don't say anything I feel like I might be miserable. I don't no what to do.

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I can understand you not wanting to say anything to him about your feelings for him IF you two had not slept together.


But you've had sex not once but twice. don't see any reason why either one of you should be able to have an honest conversation about the situation.


It would surprise me if he didn't feel the same way as you do.

If he doesn't better to know now, you still can probably salvage your friendship as this point.

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If you're really that close you should be able to discuss it somewhat painlessly. Maybe don't bring feelings into it at first, just discuss it in a lighthearted, even factual way - link it into conversation somehow. Gauge his feelings. Then if it's looking good, maybe start hinting towards how you two are good together or whatever - again, keeping to the facts rather than emotions, as emotions can sometimes come accross as needy!


I think the chances are pretty high that he'll feel the same as you, but at this stage he might not be fully sure, so how you word things will probably have some effect! Just don't be too 'heavy' or deep at first.


I was in a kinda similar situation and it was after months of sleeping together that we finally talked about our feelings - and guess what, they were mutual. I think you probably know deep down whether he feels the same


Good luck!

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