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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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Recently a guy I used to have a thing with about a year ago started talking to me again via facebook and msn. I havent really seen him since then, and we both didnt have each other's numbers anymore. He asked me if i might want to get together one day soon. I told him that I would, and he said that he had to go but he gave me his cell phone number and told me to text him later. I did end up texting him, and we talked for a bit but he never actually made any plan to do something. Coincidentally, I bumped into him at a club a few days ago. He seemed pretty into me, but he hasnt really contacted me since.


I guess I just feel a little confused by his actions and want some opinions. Im not quite sure what to think.

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I'd be careful here. There are two possible options with this one:


He wants a one night stand (which is where the lack of contact you comes in, because he doesn't really care much to spend time with you and seemed into you) Maybe this is why he isn't so concerned about spending time with you.




He's hesitant because of the time gap and a little nervous to actually ask you out because he's not sure what you think about him now.


Either way, talking to him more may give you a better idea of his intentions (though some guys are good at fooling you just to get with you). I'd go about this cautiously if you think he's worth your time. Show him subtle signs that you may be interested and see how he reacts. You really just need to feel this one out but be careful about it so you don't get hurt.

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