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so pissed right now...


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I work at a bar and I normally get off around 4am. (my boyfriend-type-thing) also works at a bar and normally we get together when we both get off.


Last night he didn't have to work and went out with his friends. He kept calling and calling at around 2:30-3:30 saying he needed a ride, he was stranded and blah blah.


I explained to him that I was still at work, and would be till 4 and then at 5am I had to go take my family to the airport.


Him: "When we get there and I'm not in a car with 7 people."

Me about it and forget about tomorrow. I'm done." (He was going to come to my family's Easter.)

Him: "ok"

Me could atleast say you are sorry."

Him: "forget about it, just erase the memory of"

Me: "Forget about what?"

Him: "Everything"

Me: "Why are you being such an * * * * * * * ? What did I do?"

Him: "From what you just said, it makes no difference."

Me does to me like seriously how could you not call and apologize for having me come over and not answer your phone or your door and think I'll be fine and peachy?"

Me Will you please call me when you get there and get out of the car?"

Him: "K"


That was like 2 hours ago...


What would you do? Stick to my guns and not have him come tomorrow even if he apologizes?

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Umm I don't mean to be hurtful but it sounds like this was taken abit out of preportion, you were at work, which is in a bar, so that's probebly very stressful, no?


And he is out with mates wanting a good time, I think you shouldn't have a huge fallout over this, if I were you I'd say sorry for what I did, he'll most likely be sorry aswell, and just move on, if he doesn't want to just forget about this little fight then I'd say you be the better person and just leave it for a few days, even for the easter.


Hope to be of help, I hope it can all be sorted, don't know if this is good advice or not.



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