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am i being used. should i make a move in theatre


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how can you tell if a girl ur dating or is going out with is interested in you, or just going out wiht you just for the free dinner, movie,trips, gifts...... and....etc. is their some clues or how can you tell.

i just met her off net and she agree to go out wiht me.

we will go to movie today, we met before for coffee date for 1 hr, should i go for a kiss, or make a move in the theatre. heheheh haha. what are somethings i can do to make her now i am interested in her sexually and something more than just friends. whjat can i say or do to show her this


can you ask your frineds or ppl at work if you don't now this answer

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You can find out by suggesting to do things that don't cost money and see if she's still interested in hanging out. Ask if she wants to go on a walk in the park, or something. If she's really into you, she'll love the idea. If not, she'll either cancel the plans or just not agree to them to begin with.

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If a woman suggests doing expensive things (like trips) or wants you to buy her expensive things, but never offers to pay for some things and does not reciprocate in gift-giving, she is probably using you.


I can honestly say that I don't think I know any women that will continue to date someone that they have no feelings for, just to squeeze a few bucks out of him.


And if she does not want to kiss you on the second date, it does not mean she is using you, nor does she owe you because you paid for the date. Some women prefer to move slower. I would wait until the end of the date to see if she wants to kiss you.

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