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stupid move on my part


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I couldnt go 2 weeks without screwing up! i was out last night and just trying to stop thinking about her. started talking to some girl and the subject of exs came up. started talking about her and got bummed out. this girl wanted to go further, but i was still too upset about her.




so what does my idiotic self do at 3 in the morning???? text..." No matter what I say, I know you are done with me. Im not an * * * * * * * , I just screwed up alot. I wish i could go back and fix things, but i cant. I am so sorry"




I am so mad at myself. and of course she dosent reply because she dosent care. all i do is keep screwing this up! im just so mad right now, why cant i just forget this chick!!! damn it

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No, don't see it as a screw up, at least the text was nice, and think about it, what everyone says is to go no contact on this site, however, we don't think about what if your ex ALSO goes no contact, it doesn't mean they don't care they just want to move on like we do.


I don't understand why everyone goes on about how their ex doesn't care because they don't reply, do you know what they're thinking? They care but they're doing what we are doing, is that so wrong?


I'm not trying to be mean but everyone seems to say it, but you didn't screw up just don't let it happen again, we're only human and we make mistakes, and from mistakes we learn, you had a weak moment, don't worry we all have them, don't get angry at yourself, I'm sure in the same situation your ex would have done the same.


Don't beat yourself up over it, it was only a nice text.



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Hi Wolf


Well, what is done is done - you can't take it back, can you?


That is good that you are mad at yourself - I don't think you are gonna make the same mistake again because you have experienced first hand just how crappy this makes you feel!


Be kind to yourself ok? We all make silly mistakes sometimes.


Take some time for yourself right now because other chicks are just going to make you think about her.





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thanks for the replies, i appreciate it. the only thing im not sure of is the fact that i was the one who got dumped and wanted to repair things. she on the other hand said her walls were up the last time we talked.


i dont know what her reaction to that text was, and i probally shouldnt care.


i was hell bent on finding some chick last night, and it almost took my mind off her. but as soon as the subject of exs came up, it almost felt like i was cheating??? that is the dumbest thing i have ever thought or said...

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No it's not stupid, it's because you still love her, and you'll probebly still feel guilty when you start getting close to other women for awhile, but it's perfectly normal. It'll just take time, and ...haha... time maybe without contacting her...


But it's all cool,

What happens, happens for a reason and couldn't of happened any other way.


It all just takes time, but you'll get through it, we're all here for you.



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here is the dumb thing and i apologize for even sounding this dumb... when we had our last talk, it ended politely, hugging. i was glad it was nice, because deep down i was hoping we would talk again. I KNOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE EVERY OTHER PERSON ON HERE!!! i guess my thought is i wish i would not have pushed, not I feel i * * * * ed up the being nice at the end.

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