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what is going through my exs head now? why is she angry at me?


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my ex who dumped me found out i was out drinking with a few people from the town she lives in , two of the people with me were women. when she hears this she texts me a nasty message saying which one of the girls did you shag? or do you remember her name?


i said none of them! and she replied with why do you usually wait until the second date? or do you have to live with them, (this is in reference to a roommate of mine i was seeing long after i was with her) i asked her why was she being like this and she said she was only joking.


Before this we were getting on great there is no hard feelings on my part and we were trying to be friends why is she being like this has she feelings for me? i still sort of have feelings for her and i certainly care for her as a friend so i hope we dont fall out.

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hey, i totally understand her, i do the same, i do those kind of things and then i try to "diguise" them telling it was a joke, but what i really mean is that i'm jealous.


I don't know if you still want her but in my case my ex is who always contacted me since i broke up and for the things he tells me he really seems to still love me lots, and i do love him too, so that's why i do those things as ur ex does, as a girl, i tell u, she's only jealous.

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Occam's Razor


Simple Solution: She still has feelings for you, hence the reason for jealous messages


If it was me, I would either ignore it completely, or call her out on it. You know the whole "joking" was a front




At this point if she IS an ex, it is none of her business "if" you did..."how many" you did...."when" you did...


Perhaps tell her: "I will try to fit you in to my shedule next week."




"I may be able to bump one of the many women I have lined up and fit you in next Thursday between 10-12AM provided you can be out of the house no later than 11:55PM."....."OH...SORRY...I WAS JUST JOKING!"


After that when she starts to cry or yell...tell her to come clean and be honest with you about her feelings and what solutions she can suggest.

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