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I dont get it....

A guy who you shared the weirdest intense attraction at a certain period of your life but was not able to ask you out for whatever reason, be it he is shy or he doesnt want to or some other valid excuse.... why does he feel the need to stay in touch with the you?


Im sick of trying to convince myself that hes a painfully shy person and he actually is/was probably interested. He knew I liked him, and yet did nothing.


So is it for an ego boost? Does he like my attention which Ive been giving him hoping that one day he'd ask me out? Does he not like it when I cut off contact with him because im just not interested in waiting for it to happen? Why does he want to keep in touch with me even after so long? does he want to see me hook up and get married to someone else???


I dont understand him. So many questions. No answers..


Sorry if this post was a bit confusing, im just confused with shyness or lack of interest or whatever the krap it is.

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Maybe YOU should have made the first move if YOU liked HIM...


He's shy, so that automatically means he's difficult to understand. If he's as shy as you make him out to be, of course he didn't do anything, he was probably scared. I think some girls may like me, but I'm too scared to do anything about it. Oh well, I could care less, personally. It's interesting, really, how you're perplexed about why he didn't do anything. On a different side, shy men are perplexed at why the women who like them do nothing...


You make the first move; it could either impact your life positively or negatively, or, you could find another person if you adhere to the stupid belief that men should make the first move, which it sure as hell seems that way judging by your post.

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How was it made clear that you liked him? Often what you perceive to be clear as day and loud as thunder wouldn't register on another persons radar. I must agree with mguy92 the woman I am deeply in love with appears modern and in the past has spoken of neo-feminist manifesto yet the majority of my knowing "of" her I cant put peas in a pot with this one. I try to stay in contact with her seeking even an inkling of how she feels about me, sooner or later its going to go with the wind. No pun intended.

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This is typically the problem of why some great relationships or chemistries never form, because most women are not modernized enough to understand that they have to exert themselves to make things possible as well. Too much control is given to the man to make the first move, first kiss or ask for a phone number. Try to be more proactive and you will see a lot more opportunity come your way.

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