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why do we still contact eachother if we're not even friends?

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we dated a short time.he broke up with me. just said he needed to sort out his personal life.so i didn't contact him again and i wasn't planning to. one night 3 weeks later i got a message from him telling me he was drunk and at the club.so i told him to be careful and that was that.a few weeks later we started to text eachtother again and even though he was seeing someone else,he kept texting me to see what i was doing on saturday nights,when the other girl was working. even after they broke up he kept texting me on saturdays.and when he saw me out,he was still checking me out.my friend told me that he kept looking at me and even went to wave.he told me he was going back to his ex,and didnt think it was a good idea for anything to happen between me and him and his reasons why.but a few days later he tells me that she hurt him again.im so tired.im getting over it but im not at the same time. what does he want?

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He wants to have you around at his convenience, he sounds very immature. He is too scared to stand up on hi own two feet. he teels you he doesn't want to be with you, but then he texts you, seeks you out, and comes crying to you when the othe rone hurt him. is this what you want? especially if you end up getting confused and hurt and having expectations, it will be hard then. so choose what you want. set your limits.

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Update guys, god how I laugh at this 10 years later nearly to the day.


That guy was a loser. I really liked him too. What was I thinking??!!haven't seen him for about 10 years and don't wish to either.


I'm currently engaged to the best person in the world. Got totally different friends too. It's funny how what's most important changes. My priorities are totally different. Family is a major one for me. All I care about is our families and their happiness, and us aswell of course.

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