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I'm stuck at a crossroad

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For the people who don't know me, I went out with my ex for about a year and a half. Half way through our relationship, he started to become emotionally abusive and verbally abusive. He would go constantly back and forth from being a total jerk to a loving boyfriend and it would mess with my head so badly. Finally, he broke up with me and at first he was nice about it, but then 2 weeks later he started going out with someone else and started to become a total a**hole to me. He was cruel. I tried begging for him back, but of course that didn't do any good.


Skip to a few months later and present time. He apologized for everything he did, and he knew what he did was wrong. He even said breaking up with me and going out with that other girl was a mistake. (they broke up by the way)

He said he never stopped having feelings for me and still loves me and wants to get back together. I've considered it, because I still love him.


I've talked to one of my girlfriends, and told her about it. She asked me if I wanted to go through all the hurt and pain again. For about 6 or 7 months I had deep depression and I thought I'd never see the end of it...I don't want to go through all that again.


What should I do?

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Listen to your friend. I think you need to write out a list of all of the emotionally abusive and painful things he did to you. Everything you can remember. I hate to tell you to do something so negative, but I think you need to think with your brain and not with your heart. I think your brain will agree with your friend. He is not the only love available to you and you deserve a love that doesn't abuse and abandon you. In fact, breaking up with you was probably the biggest favor for you that he did.

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Exactly what I went through when my guy and I first broke up... I wish I had just moved on from that first break up. The whole getting back together thing is tricky. You guys can fall into a trap of on/off again & him leaving and you taking him back. I am currently facing the consequences. Me and him have such a rocky relationship and nothing will ever be the same.


Do you HONESTLY want to go through the pain again?....

Is he WORTH it?

The better question is, has he changed his ways? There's a very good chance he will still verbally and emotionally abuse you.


The fact that he's telling you this right after he breaks up with that girl means he can't stand to be alone.


Doesn't seem like he's had time to sort through his issues or emotions.


I would say stay away..

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